Aluminum Page number Sign [3]

No more yelling out page numbers from the bima, no more interrupting davening to talk, no more congregants feeling lost because they’re too embarrassed to ask where the chazzan is holding.
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  • ♦  Strong, durable and sturdy metal stand for maximum performance.

    ♦  Size of Sign 17.5"x22"

    ♦  Stand is adjustable to a height of 66 to 90 inches.

    ♦  Numbers are printed on heavy-duty plastic books that will last for years.

    ♦  Sign includes 2 magnetic stick-on plates "Please rise" and "May be seated" for the convenience of the congregants.

    ♦  Sign has nice slot for donor dedication.

    ♦  Option of engraved gold plate for dedications.

    ♦  2 year warranty (with warranty TAG only)

    Click here for a short video on how the sign works.


  • Magnetic stick-on plates "Please rise" and "May be seated". (see product image)

  • Engraved gold dedication plate.


Production time: 7-10 business days

Turnaround time for SUKKAH BANNERS  2-3 Days

For rush orders, Call US OR WHATSAPP 718-843-3737